Brenden Fitzgerald

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I grew up in Flint, Michigan where sports, parties, and girls were my main focal point. I wasn’t living for myself, I was living according to my surroundings. Soccer was my life at one point. Eat, sleep, drink soccer. My goal was to become the first immediate family member to graduate college and soccer was my gateway to making that dream a reality. The day before my senior season, bad news struck as I learned I was ineligible to play… GPA of my last semester junior year was atrocious. I immediately went into a depression that led to making some life-changing decisions.

Shortly after HS graduation, I enlisted in the US Marine Corps as an Infantryman, ready for whatever was thrown my way. I knew there were changes to be made, so why not join the Marine Corps!? Throughout my enlistment, I gained many qualities which ultimately led to where I am today.

Most importantly, the Marines led me to where my mindset currently is. I’ve learned very quickly that the human brain is the most powerful piece of equipment we would ever have access to. This allows me to live beyond fear and judgment-free (I try to omit judgment as much as humanly possible). This transition led me to Florida where I began to find more about myself through trial and error in different work industries. As an entrepreneur at heart, I was still very lost and confused not knowing where my true passion lies.

One rainy evening in April 2016, I decided to throw on Netflix documentary and went right to Cowspiracy and Vegucated. There had been some talk about these films, so I decided to check it out. I was stunned and appalled upon learning what the impact my everyday habits had on the environment. When I learned the simple fact that contributing to eating cows was destroying the planet faster than all of our planes, trains, and automobiles combined, it was a no brainer to go vegan!

At that moment, I went vegan overnight. I dove head first, trying to reduce my negative impact on the world. With little information and no support, I struggled to make the changes. I had no idea how to be vegan or what to eat, all I knew was I was not going to eat animals. Ps- Shout out to rice and beans for being my staple for 4 months!

With a background in the Marine Corps and an ongoing dedication to fitness, I found that nothing I could grab and go with satisfied my needs:

  • Sustainably sourced with ethics in mind.
  • Nutrient dense and wholesome.
  • Free of natural flavors, sugar alcohols, and other cheap gimmicks.
  • A powerful panel of clean ingredients and a full serving of plant protein.

After this vegan awakening, I created Planet Protein immediately. This innovative startup specializes in plant-based nutrition when you need it the most. Our mission is simply to offer more convenient plant-based options to the masses. With unhealthy vegan protein bars filling up the shelves, there’s nothing like Planet Protein out there!

We have been in business for almost one year now engaging with a successful consulting group, strategic board of investors, executive team, and brand athletes. Knowing that professional athletes would be the catalyst behind the vegan movement, I quickly got to work and sought out a partnership with the Denver Nugget’s own, Wilson Chandler. Wilson is a starting Forward for the Nuggets and one of the few vegan athletes in the NBA. We were able to launch Planet Protein in August of 2017 with two plant-based protein bars containing 20g of complete-protein lacking all of the “grey area” ingredients like sugar alcohols, “natural flavors”, and dairy. With a bright future ahead and the surge in veganism, Planet Protein will continue to develop new products to satisfy our consumer’s needs while planting trees along the way. With the animal agriculture industry as the leading cause of deforestation, more vegan products on the market will help educate and create a less impactful environment.

After creating Planet Protein, Carly and I started our low-impact, zero-waste journey. Soon after our zero-waste transition, we immediately created Planet Protein’s zero-waste program where we turn our plastic wrappers into school desks, flooring, and benches. I currently reside in South Florida with my soulmate, Carly Bergman. We actually met at a vegan festival of all places. Carly has inspired me to live an even less impactful life by going zero-waste and raising my consciousness to understand veganism isn’t where the road ends… it’s where consciousness expands. We founded our brand Sustainable Duo™ together to inspire others to lead by example while making effective change. With easy resources like e-books, zero-waste starter kits, zero-waste products, and consulting, we are here to be your one-stop-shop to come and learn an organic way of life.

Thank you for checking us out! We hope you are able to take away at least a sliver of new information that will give you that “light bulb” moment. Carly and I are always here to help and LIVE to see a better world. All it takes is a little knowledge, passion, and willingness to change.