We believe in supporting companies that are going above and beyond by creating sustainable products that are healing people AND the planet. Below we have listed products that we personally use, along with codes. You deserve to save money when you save the planet, so here is a little gift to you!

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CBD has helped us heal from black mold, PCOS, inflammation, anxiety, and ADHD. This brand of CBD has also personally helped our loved ones with arthritis, ADD, depression, Parkinson’s, insomnia, memory loss, hormone imbalance, and skin problems.

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If you aren’t apart of the zero-waste razor crew, what are you waiting for?! This simple swap saves billions of single-use plastic razors from going to the landfill every single year. We did the math and we will save a combined total of $8,000 in our ENTIRE LIVES just by switching over to this razor meant to last a lifetime. Who said being sustainable has to be pricey?!

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Your largest organ, the epidermis, absorbs everything you put on it. Since we study how manyScreenshot 2018-12-15 15.37.23 toxins, chemicals, and plastic are in our environment and in the water systems, we know that it’s imperative to use a water filter in order to remove impurities! We use a Berkey Shower Filter because it reduces up to 95% of chlorine, reduces chemical absorption/vapor inhalation, lasts for 20,000 gallons before a replacement is needed, and reduces mold & fungi in showers.

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Screenshot 2019-01-01 19.57.37Plastic toothbrushes are a thing of the past! Did you know that 1 billion plastic toothbrushes from the US end up in the landfill every single year? Even worse… they NEVER break down! Swap your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush.

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Treat your bum (and entire body) with respect! Check your bathroom toilet paper… do you currently use a product with inks, dyes, or scents? We highly recommend discontinuing the use of those items and switching to holistic alternatives that are toxin-free. Who Gives A Crap TP is:

  • Made with 100% forest-friendly bamboo.
  • No inks, dyes or scents.
  • Donates 50% of profits.

Click here & enter the code CARLYBERGMAN at checkout for $10 off your order.

Chemicals are frequently used in the dyeing, washing, printing and finishing process of garment production… but not WAMA! Hemp fabric has many benefits like being naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and super soft and breathable! 

Click here to check out Wama Hemp underwear and use the code SUSTAINABLEDUO10 at checkout for a discount.

 Natural Vegan is amazing because they believe in toxin-free, food-grade products. Their packaging methods are as friendly as humanly possible… shout out to their compostable packaging! They have products such as loofas, deodorants, palm-oil free shampoos & soaps, and more! 

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Of course we need to shout out Planet Protein (Brenden’s company!) We have worked so hard to transition this company to a sustainable brand. Planet Protein is 100% vegan, made with sustainably sourced ingredients & superfoods, and contains no grey area ingredients (palm oil, natural flavors, sugar alcohols, GMO’s, gluten). For starters, Brenden made the new protein powder bag 80% bamboo and with a wooden scoop! The protein powder bag and the protein bar wrappers can be returned to us through the Planet Protein Recycling Program, and we turn them into desks, chairs, walls, etc.  

Click here & enter the code SUSTAINABLEDUO at checkout to receive 10% off your order.


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