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Futuristic February is a campaign Carly ran last year and it was a hit so we brought it on back this year and will continue to hold the challenge, well, forever! After spending a month in Nicaragua, Carly was submerged in a culture of plastic (most of the US trash floats all the way over to the Nicaraguan coasts). She was inspired to create this campaign to raise awareness.
The goal for February is to keep track of how much one wastes in a given month. For this “challenge”, participants don’t hold back, just act as if they are going about their day to day life. However, participants don’t recycle throughout the month and save all of their plastics/recyclables/non-perishable items until the end of the month so they can get a real visualization of how much they accumulate as an individual. This was Carly’s accumulation after one month in 2017, then both of our’s after the challenge in 2018.

This challenge inspired us to transition to a zero-waste lifestyle and also inspired us to transition Planet Protein™ to a zero-waste company in the near future! Plastic is our future if we don’t change our current habits. As business owners, we truly understand how hard it is to be a completely zero-waste company in the startup position. However, after #FuturisticFebruary, we are striving to not only make ourselves even more sustainable than we already are but steer businesses, friends, and family in the same direction as well!


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