We promote a nutrient-dense healing diet (whole food, plant-based) based on the clients’ nutritional needs and goals. Our mission is to assist and educate you, making you confident in your dietary changes that will be used throughout your lifetime. Let’s start your high vibrational journey!

Veganizing your pantry/grocery cart sessions include defining client’s health goals, health issues/allergies to address with diet, assess current diet, create meal plans with recipes, how to prepare delicious healthy meals quickly & easily, and create a food grocery list for clients. We educate you about the healing power of food, and what ingredients to avoid. Also, we will provide you the support you need and any other resources required throughout this process. As you take each step, you will become more vibrant than before and you’ll be on your way to transforming into your best self. This is your health you are investing in, and we are providing you with a combination of 8 years of high-vibrational experience. We are providing you with our collective information and experience on Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Holistic Nutrition, Holistic Therapies (cupping, acupuncture, Hatha Yoga), Permaculture, Eco-spirituality, and more.

Email or call for a free half-hour consultation or to book an appointment. Unable to meet in person? Any of our services can be offered via Skype/Facetime. 

Let’s Veganize your pantry!

We are offering sessions where we will come to your house and veganize your entire kitchen! We can veganize as little or as much as you are comfortable with. Typical sessions last 1-2 hours. This experience includes our Vegan Hacks E-book and Zero-Waste Hacks E-book. 

First session- $150 + transportation fees

Second session- $100 + transportation fees

Let’s Veganize your shopping cart! 


This shopping trip includes us taking you shopping to your grocery store of choice, where we will provide you with the necessary information to shop smart and cruelty-free. Typical sessions will take 1-2 hours. This session includes our Vegan Hacks E-book and Zero-Waste Hacks E-book. 

First shopping experience- $150 + transportation fees

Second shopping experience- $100 + transportation fees

Let’s transition your lifestyle to low impact/zero-waste!

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We would love to help you transform your house or business into as close to a plastic-free space as it possibly can be! Let’s sit down and discuss what swaps you can make that will not only be beneficial for the environment but for your health and wallet as well. We will help you source alternatives and recommend some of our all-time favorite, zero-waste companies. This experience includes our Vegan Hacks E-book, Zero-Waste Hacks E-book, and a few surprise zero-waste essentials. 

Option: Carly is Permaculture Design Certified and can implement a food forest and/or garden on any property for a negotiable additional fee.

First meeting- $150 + transportation fees

Second meeting- $75 + transportation fees