Our Chocolate Magic Protein Returns feat. Vegan & Zero-Waste Choco Magic Cookie Dough Recipe!

Our Chocolate Magic Protein Returns feat. Vegan & Zero-Waste Choco Magic Cookie Dough Recipe!

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Hi, Sustainable Duo fam! We are currently closing up our Sustainable Duo Eco-Shop and going full-force Planet Protein, the company Brenden started after going vegan 4 years ago. Why? With so many unethical/unhealthy vegan & non-vegan protein powder options, our focus is on sustainable nutrition and changing the game.

Yes, we love our eco-shop bamboo utensils and our coconut bowls… but those are not essential, and we feel that it is more important for the masses to have access to the cleanest foods rather than providing zero-waste accessories. The truth is… the world does not need our bamboo utensils and coconut bowls. Although they are fun and made of eco-friendly materials, one can simply go in their drawer and use silverware! Or thrift a set of silverware/bowl to bring on-the-go instead of buying new bamboo utensils.

Holistic, organic, sustainable nutrition IS ESSENTIAL… and it is rare. Our goal is to connect people back to the earth through holistic plants. There are SO MANY protein powders on the market that are not good for you or the planet. They contain inflammatory animal ingredients, heavy metals, “natural flavors” (YUCK!), sugar alcohols, pesticides, GMO’s, & loads of plastics. That’s why we created Chocolate Magicprotein powder… to elevate minds, energize bodies, and enlighten the planet!


A Powerful Protein Blend

Our powder features a three-part protein blend optimized for taste and nutrient density! A primary pea protein blend is mixed with sprouted, fermented quinoa and chia protein. This organic blend features a complete BCAA profile to complete its rich taste and texture.

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Your Daily B12

Chocolate Magic is a true one-scoop solution for everybody! Your daily needs for vitamin B12 will be supplemented in every serving. Did you know the majority of people, carnivores and herbivores, are deficient in B12?! Not just vegans and vegetarians!


Adaptogenic Reishi Mushrooms

The Chinese Mushroom of Immortality is known to aid in respiratory function, cognitive ability, reduce inflammation, and lower blood pressure. Our Reishi mushroom is a life-giving supplement for the whole body!


Zero-Waste Program

We created a FREE internal recycling program for our packaging as a way to keep our protein bags out of landfills. When you send us your empty bags/wrappers, we send them to recycling specialists so they then can do their magic! Once collected, this waste* is turned into raw materials that can be upcycled into new stuff like community picnic tables, benches, & children’s playgrounds. Also, don’t forget we use sustainable wood scoops to avoid extra plastic, and our packaging uses 80% less packaging compared to other brands out there.

We are trying our best! We currently do not use compostable packaging due to major green-washing in the “compostables” industry. If it was more sustainable to use compostables, we would! But truth be told, it is NOT more sustainable. Most compostables need to be composted in facilities, and they RARELY make it there. Other backyard compostable wrappers are made with pesticides and acids… something we will NOT comfortable giving our community. So for now, we will repurpose the packaging to make other supplies!

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Heavy Metal Testing

Every batch of Chocolate Magic is guaranteed to go through vigorous heavy metal testing. Why? Because it should be illegal for some companies to sell their products with the amount of metals in there! We are talking products full of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, pesticides, etc. Scary stuff!


Cookie Dough Recipe 

Now that you have read our #ProteinRant we hope you understand our passion of providing the masses with sustainable, holistic nutrition. We hope you make this cookie dough and fuel your body with the ingredients (purest from the earth) that it deserves.

LOVE YOU, SD FAM! Thanks for your unconditional love and support!! If you want to purchase Chocolate Magic, feel free to use our code SUSTAINABLEDUO for 10% off.  If you want some more of our healthy protein recipes, check out our free chocolate magic e-book!


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