Veganize Your House/Business

We promote a nutrient-dense healing diet (whole food, plant-based) based on our client’s nutritional needs and goals. Our mission is to assist and educate our clients, increasing confidence in dietary changes and implementing holistic swaps that will be used for a lifetime. A high vibrational is the lifestyle of 2019!

What this service Includes

  1. An assessment of the current diet and defining the client’s health goals.
  2. Take our client’s to their preferred grocery store and veganize their grocery cart.
  3. Veganize our client’s kitchen.
  4. Create meal plans with recipes and education on preparation.
  5. Create a food grocery list for clients.
  6. Educate on how to read food labels and identify unhealthy foods/ingredients.

We believe that food should be healing, not destructive. There IS a way to eat a diet full of plants while eating yummy meals and desserts!  As our client’s take each step towards a more holistic lifestyle, they will become more vibrant than ever before.

We provide a combined 8 years of experience in the fields of:



Holistic Nutrition

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Holistic Therapies (cupping, acupuncture, Hatha Yoga)

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